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npairedcontest's Journal

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Welcome to the npairedcontest, the icon contest on LJ dedicated to pairings
of those handsome sparkly boys, *NSYNC! The challenge is members only
so join to participate!

Your mods are Marissa, Suzie and Chris.

× Do not display the icons you have entered until after the contest is complete.
× Icons must be livejournal size; maximum 100x100, 40K.
× Must use the picture(s) provided for that certain challenge.
× Do not take the maker's icon without asking their permission.
× Must be your own original work; no cheating/copying will be tolerated.
× Upload icon entries to your own server; photobucket.com or imageshack.us are great places.
× Please be kind and courteous; no bashing of *NSYNC, members or their work will be allowed.

× Please send in your entries like:


× The challenges will be one *NSYNC pairing each week.
× The challenges start Sunday and run until very early Saturday morning.
× No voting for yourself; it's just not fair.
× There will be awards given for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place.
× With more than five entries, there will be a Mod's Choice.

If you'd like to link npairedcontest, that'd be great! Please upload to your own server. :-)

Buttons coming soon!

If you wish to be an affiliate or view the affiliates list, this is the post.

Credit for layout codes > reversescollide.
Credit for graphics > musiquedevie.